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Windows Firewall Control

Developer Alexandru Dicu

Windows Firewall Control adds features to the operating system’s default firewall utility. One of the ...

Volume Concierge

Developer Softorino

Volume Concierge is a program that will automatically control your computer’s volume by the rules you set. You can ...


Developer Beroux

Rename-It 3.4 is a file utility to rename files/folders, defining renaming rules for the new names. Rename-It has a frame to ...

IIS URL Rewrite Module

Developer Microsoft

IIS URL Rewrite is a program that enables Web administrators to create powerful rules to implement URLs ...

Power Rules Manager

Developer Sperry Software

Power Rules Manager is a Microsoft Outlook add-in that allows you to sort, print, and edit your Outlook rules right from a convenient grid ...

Visual Rules Modeler

Developer Innovations Softwaretechnologie GmbH

Visual Rules Modeler provides graphical tools to accomplish all steps of the rule development and management process ...

Rules Manager

Developer CEDIT

Rules Manager is designed to minimise the effort required to organise and manage email. When first installed, the first thing you are ...


Developer Softflame Systems Ltd.

Vision is designed for use in both centralized and de-centralized calendar environments and is easily customizable and flexible to ...

Australian Rules Football Scoreboard

Developer Aussie Scoreboards

Use the Australian Rules Football Scoreboard along with the computer and display you already have to transform your PC into an ...

BUZBY Breakin' All the Rules

Developer Digital Praise

Through BUZBY Breakin' All the Rules's gameplay and video clips, children see what happens when everyone ...


Developer Orange

The employee database holds full details on each employee including their individual work patterns, work ...

Golden Rules Organizer

Developer Golden Rules

This GTD-compliant personal effectiveness tool includes project management, task management, contact management, scheduler, ...

Rules Tools

Developer bVisual ltd

However, it does not provide a rule set developer interface for the analyzing, amending or creating rules. This Rules Tools add-in fills this gap ...

Autodesk Intent™ 2011

Developer Autodesk, Inc.

Autodesk Intent is an add-in to Autodesk Inventor, and it loads automatically when Inventor starts. Intent works in ...

Literacy - Rules, Rules, Rules!

Developer LocuTour Multimedia